Strategic Collaboration 3.11

Published on: May 12, 2020


United Finance Co SAOG would like to disclose that further to our disclosure on 29th October 2019, regarding a proposed strategic collaboration with Taageer Finance Co SAOG, a letter was received from Taageer Finance Co SAOG confirming their interest in exploring a possible strategic collaboration and also advising the names of their working group committee members.

The Board of United Finance Co SAOG agreed to appoint the following Directors to the working group, and engage in the initial review with Taageer Finance Co SAOG:

  1. Mr. Mohamed Abdulla Mohamed Al Khonji
  2. Mr. Waseem Salah Qareen

Mr. Bikram Rishi, as the COO, will be part of the group and will represent the Management of United Finance Company SAOG. He will act as the coordinator on behalf on United Finance Co SAOG and will be available when required by the working group.

Further disclosure concerning this matter will be made as and when there are developments to report.

The above is submitted for your information and record.

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