Training Centre

Training Centre

The United Finance Company has established a Training Centre. The objective is to train staff on functional & behavioral aspects. The company believes that continuous up-gradation of skills of staff is an ongoing process & strives towards competencies of staff.

The company encourages the staff to actualize & necessary assistance is provided to them. The company provides the best learning environment. In-house training sessions are organized from experienced & competent staff. The training needs analysis of staff is carried out to identify the required skills & learning sessions that are conducted to bridge the skill gap.

The company has 74 seating amphitheatre style training centre. The centre has all modern training equipment like automated projector & PA system. It has facility to screen training DVDs from Stanford & Haward Universities. The centre has Wi-Fi enabled internet device to log on to the company server.

The Ministry of Manpower has approved in principle training of Omani staff in the centre. The diploma holding Omani candidates as sponsored by Ministry would be trained in the center for about nine months. The Omani''s would be trained in Finance, Sales & Marketing Collections, Accounting, Audit, IT & English. They would later be appointed by the company for various departments & branches.