Major Decisions taken during the Board Meeting

Published on: May 12, 2020

The new Board of directors met on 31.03.2019 and the following unanimous decisions were taken with regard to the appointment of Chairman, Deputy Chairman and the reconstitution/formation of the Board sub-committees.

Mr. Mohamed Abdullah Mohammed AL Khonji was appointed as the Chairman of the Board.

The Audit & Risk Committee management and Executive committee of the Board were reconstituted as follows:

Audit & Risk Committee Management

  1. Mr. Waseem Salah Qaraeen, Chairman
  2. Mr. Ranga Gorur, Member
  3. Dr. Mohaamed Sulaiman Ahmed Saeed AL Houqani, Member

Executive Committee

  1. Mr. Mohamed Abdullah AL Khonji, Chairman
  2. Mr. Hassan Ihsan Naseeb AL Nasib, Member
  3. Mr. Hassan Hisham Omar Bostami
  4. Mr. Vasali Fairborz, Member

Board Secretary

  1. Hasan Ibrahim Hasan AL- Lawati


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