Over the past two decades we, at United Finance Company, have strived to remain the first-choice finance company in Oman. We’ve helped Omanis achieve more with structured finance packages and assistance from dedicated professionals working to understand and cater to our customers’ long-term needs, and we are committed to providing customised and timely financial solutions. Established in 1997, United Finance started its business with just one office in Muscat - and five established competitors.

Twenty-five years later, we have 8 branches, an asset base of RO 115 million, over 12,000 satisfied customers, and 135 staff members. We have earned a reputation as a finance provider that can be counted on to deliver, and to be your preferred finance partner, inspiring you to achieve more, empowering you with the right tools to enhance your life or grow your business, and supporting you to enjoy greater opportunities.

Our Values

Focus - Because financial products will always be need- based, we constantly focus on developing the right solutions to satisfy the demands of both our current and future customers. We operate on strict principles of best practice, researching and evaluating new ideas and increasing our skills, to provide the most relevant products and services and the highest levels of customer care.

Action - We don’t like having to wait for answers any more than our customers do, so we go about our business every day with an ongoing sense of urgency, always aiming to ensure that our actions and responses meet or exceed expectations.

Support - We are a friendly and responsive team that cares for its customers and looks after their needs. Our goal is to support and empower people to live more, experience more, grow more and do more.

Trust - As a financial services lender we consider it our duty to offer the best advice, to form strong relationships with our customers and work on enhancing these ties every day. Our customers trust in our help, and so it is our duty to live up to that expectation through our business approach and everyday actions, because trust has to be earned.

Dedicated to Omanisation

United Finance considers the training and employment of Omani nationals a top priority. The company has embarked upon a policy of increasing Omanisation since 2012, and now provides job opportunities to Omani youth across a wide range of occupations at various administrative levels. Our track record shows that our Omanisation rate in 2019 reached 82%. This was achieved through the company’s commitment to provide employment with on-the-job training to Omani staff. United Finance has been awarded ‘Green Card Status’ by the Ministry of Manpower, in recognition of its active participation and consistent compliance with our Government’s Omanisation program.

Promoting the SME sector

United Finance is committed to promoting the growth of SMEs in the interiors and remote areas of the Sultanate of Oman. In the past, we funded the Local Community Contractors (LCC) Programme of PDO with RO 5 million, which the company recovered successfully. We believe in partnering the Government along with private sector organizations in Oman to promote the SME sector through ventures such as Youth Funds; Intilaaqah Training Programmes; Sanad Incubators for IT, and Knowledge Oasis Muscat Incubators.