United Finance strives to fulfill its responsibilities to all stakeholders with particular emphasis on customer and employee satisfaction. We endeavor to cultivate appropriate investor relations and establish measures to impart shareholder opinions to our management.

We are dedicated to being the finest financial services organization for all our stakeholders and the community through excelling in friendly and helpful customer service. We develop relationships that make a positive difference to our customers’ lives, and we will always provide outstanding financial solutions and unmatched service. This creates value to all our customers, resulting in strong returns to our shareholders and investors.

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Our values

Focus - Because financial products will always be need- based, we constantly focus on developing the right solutions to satisfy the demands of both our current and future customers. We operate on strict principles of best practice, researching and evaluating new ideas and increasing our skills, to provide the most relevant products and services and the highest levels of customer care.

Action - We don’t like having to wait for answers any more than our customers do, so we go about our business every day with an ongoing sense of urgency, always aiming to ensure that our actions and responses meet or exceed expectations.

Support - We are a friendly and responsive team that cares for its customers and looks after their needs. Our goal is to support and empower people to live more, experience more, grow more and do more.

Trust - As a financial services lender we consider it our duty to offer the best advice, to form strong relationships with our customers and work on enhancing these ties every day. Our customers trust in our help, and so it is our duty to live up to that expectation through our business approach and everyday actions, because trust has to be earned.